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Leakly Gut and Allergy Symptoms

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Leakly Gut and Allergy Symptoms

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http://theriverfronteventcenter.com/doublequeen-suite/ leakly-gut-and-allergy-symptomsSeasonality did hit you harshly with sneezing, sniffling, and those runny eyes? Most of the individuals do start taking different allergy pills that do include: antihistamines and eye drops. Not for a moment any of the individuals suffering from allergy symptoms has supposed that the leaky gut might be the cause.

By curing the leaking gut the allergy symptoms can be relieved or disappear at all. When said as a definition it seems as not standing for real, but it is proved from different researches that individuals gut health does affect their sinuses. As a matter of fact, these two human body systems are tangled with each other. As a consideration, the respiratory tract and the digestive tract have share mutual mission. Both the respiratory tract and the digestive tract act as immune barriers. Their duty is to protect the body outside risky factors.

In situations when the gut health is not healthy, the rest of your body mechanism suffers. For some individuals, the result comes out to be leaky gut allergy symptoms that flash in each spring season. We still need to emphasize the fact that the gut in influences the entire immune system at a great degree. A usual attacker/ simulator of the allergy symptoms is leaky gut, which is also known as intestinal permeability.

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Leaky gut is prescribed as the condition in which the lining of the digestive tract becomes inflamed and porous by permitting undigested foods, bacteria, yeasts, and other toxins to enter into the bloodstream. The immune system launches an attack on these toxins, which creates inflammation throughout the body. This might happen during each meal consumption for a great number of individuals. The kind of inflammation appears in different ways to different individuals. In some cases it can be the cause of joint pain, skin problems, and digestive complaints and in some other cases be the cause of autoimmune disease, issues with brain function, fatigue, chronic pain, and least but not the last – seasonal allergies.

What causes leaky gut and allergies?
Leaky gut and allergy symptoms. The connection and interrelation between these two phenomena. How can an improved leaky gut impact the improving of the seasonal allergy symptoms? Leaky gut syndrome is very common today and it can cause bloating, heartburn, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or pain. Anyways, different case studies have shown that many individuals affected with leaky gut have no digestive symptoms at all.

Gluten which is the protein found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and other wheat-like grains is one of the most common sources that can cause leaky gut. It is true that wheat has been consumed from humans since long long ago, but nowadays this ingredient is not produced and stored the same way it used to. Today it has been genetically modified and it is processed and stored in inadequate ways which cause damage to the humans gut.

In many studied cases it has been shown that if gluten was removed from the affected individual diet he/ she would found considerable relieve of the allergy symptoms. During this time it was allowed the gut to recover and repair. Taking into consideration that the leaky gut syndrome makes human organism develop food intolerances and food allergies, individuals affected from this syndrome should try to eliminate foods such as dairy, eggs, or other types of grain. In cases when an anti-inflammatory diet has been applied and strictly followed, the suffering individuals have found significant allergy relief. Those are the cases when e gluten free diet is not enough and other restriction measures should be taken into consideration in terms of food.

Gut bacteria is another element that contributes to leaky gut and allergy symptoms in cases when its environment is not properly balanced. As already mentioned, the digestive tract is home to several amounts of bacteria that play a considerable role in immune mechanism. On those cases when the bad bacteria overcomes the healthy one, it results in inflammation and allergies situations. The process of healing and repairing a leaky gut repair includes nurturing the individuals’ gut with beneficial bacteria that can be found in the form of supplemented probiotics or fermented foods. This kind of treatment is effective in the improvement of allergy symptoms.

Another factor negatively affecting the inflammation of the digestive tract and causing the leaking gut and seasonal allergies, is stress. When talking about stress, we should not consider only the stress phenomena caused due to a stressful daily routine or lack of normal sleep, but we keep in mind that even following a high in sugar diet and processed foods causes stress to the body. Other stress factors to be considered would be an untreated autoimmune disease, hormones that are out of management and causing miserable PMS or menopausal symptoms. These are to be considered as metabolic factors that negatively impact the leaky gut and seasonal allergies or might be even initiators of these symptoms.


Fixing the leaky gut can improve seasonal allergy
Allergies should be considered as a signal from the body that something is requiring attention. In cases of seasonal allergies individuals should as well consider checking their gut for possible leaking. Leaky gut can lead to much more serious conditions than allergies, such as autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, etc.), depression and anxiety, neurological diseases, and more. By repairing your leaky gut and improving your allergy symptoms, you can prevent or even resolve more serious problems.

The simple trick to a diet, which can be difficult to implement, is to replace trigger foods and unhealthy ingredients with homemade meals and snacks. These meals should be made from fresh, preferably organic, ingredients. Snacks and meals may be made ahead of time and heated up on the stove or in the oven (avoid microwaves as the radioactivity harness the nutrients) if time is short during the week. Individuals should not consume anything beyond 2 days old, unless it has been frozen, in which case no more than 60 days old. Certified specialists might be consulted in order to get proper effective diet treatment.

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Anyone should be aware of these conditions and symptoms in order to arrange possible treatment options. As we above mention, individuals, in cases of seasonal allergies should not depend only upon allergy medications, but should also consider evaluating their gut health. Doctor visits should be arranged at the very first symptoms in order for the condition not to furtherly aggravate. Leaking gut has lot of possible ways to be treated even naturally and that is why there is no need to promptly ask for medicines without priory consulting with the doctor or with certified specialists of the area.

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